The Classified Group

Classified Software, Pagination, Consulting, & Support for SunType Publishing Systems


The Classified Group provides software tools for all of your publishing needs, our extensive product line includes SunType Classified Advertising System, pagination module that using either Quark or InDesign, Accounts Receivable, Circulation Manager, Ad Scheduling, Subscription, and Internet software packages. 

SunType Publishing System has been a software standard among publishers since 1982. Numerous publications have purchased SunType Publishing System to sell, produce, and bill their classified sections for publishing.

Our focus is small-to-medium-sized newspapers and shoppers. The beauty of SunType is that each of our customers’ setups are unique. We customize the software to your needs. You can handle large number of ads with a single computer or expand to a network as your business dictates. This is the kind of growth that we hope to generate for all our clients.

We offer a reasonable entry cost, along with several payment options or leasing option for your convenience. We offer on-site installation and training, consulting services and continuing support 24/7 after the sale. We take pride in the fact that technical support is only a phone call away, no matter where our clients are located!

Once the system is installed, you still have the advantage of full access and control over the programmable parts of the system, including rates, categories, reports, and typesetting and form layout. No part of the system is closed or proprietary for the purpose of requiring you to purchase programming or services from our company - you’re in control.

We hope you find this information helpful. If you have any further questions, please call us!

· We can support your SunType & Synaptic Software 

· We offer upgrades for both product lines

· SunType & Synaptic Software works with all 32 bit Windows Versions

· NEW ** Suntype's Ad Scheduler will not work After JULY 24 2019

Due to the death of Mike Garthwaite last winter, we are trying to notify his customers, and we can offer limited support to his products.  If you have any questions please call.